The chickens/poultry


On the farm, there are Åsbo and Blomme chickens and a few eager Blommeroosters.
The Åsbpchicken, which is an old breed a was thought to be extinct, was found a few years ago not far from here. The Åsbochicken is alert and attentive and likes to fly up and sit in trees. Their constant vigilance surely contributed to their survival in these predatory woodlands. The Blommechicken, another old breed from the southern sweden, is larger and more leisurely. Our chickens walk freely on our farm and scratch the ground at their leisure. Their access to "green" makes the eggs wonderful and the yolk a lovely dark yellow colour, as can be seen on our cookies and other pastries that includes eggs.
Unfortunately the scratching also includes the flowerbeds and can cause annoyance when new plants are torn up and buds are pinched off!
But you are more than willing to forgive the sociable chickens when they follow you around the garden hoping that a worm or some other bug will be dug up!